How to Select an Auto Transport Company

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Moving companies also ship cars but the cost is usually higher than when using a specialized auto shipper. If you are moving and have contracted with a professional moving company, ask your mover for their recommendation. Your moving company may have partnerships with auto transporters and you may be able to save money by using one of their preferred vendors.

After receiving multiple quotes, compare rates and shop around. If one quote seems extraordinarily low or high, ask the vendor why. Always remember that the lowest price isn't always the best option. A company's good reputation often goes a long way. Ask for references and investigate the company on the Internet or check the Better Business Bureau. Some companies frequently change their names due to complaints. Others may even go by as many as five different names. It will be in your best interest to investigate this.

Don’t be concerned if you can’t find a company in your local area. Chances are, transporters will have terminals or routes that go through your local area and your vehicle can be dropped off at one of these locations.

Always get a written contract with approximate delivery dates and carefully read the terms and conditions, especially clauses dealing with insurance. Check to see if there are any non-refundable deposits or cancellation fees before committing to service. There could additional charges of up to $200.

Ask to see your auto transport company’s Certificate of Insurance. If your auto shipper is a broker, ask them for the name of the agent they are using and ask to see their Certificate of Insurance. Make sure that the coverage is adequate and updated.