How Does U Load, They Drive Moving Work?

Arranging a U Load, They Drive move is easy, and can be completed in a few simple steps:
  1. Use Quotes At Home to locate a U Load, They Drive company that provides service in your area. Request quotes from multiple companies by using our free quote form.

  2. If U Load, They Drive service is a good fit for your needs, make a reservation. After you make your reservation, arrange for a time when the company can leave a trailer or container at your residence.

  3. Movers will drop off a clean, secure, weather-proof trailer, pod or container at your home. Please note: service may not be available if you live in a city or an apartment building. There must be space for movers to drop off the container.

  4. Pack your container at your convenience. When your container is packed, a professional driver picks up your goods and moves them to your new residence. Along the way, you can track your shipment. Your belongings never leave the trailer or shipping container until you unpack them.

  5. Your container is dropped off at your new home. You then unpack the container. When you’re done, the company comes back to pick it up!